April 15, 2010

this is what my life looks like at the moment

so yeah, since handing in the dissertation, i’ve just been painting, photographing, photoshopping, compositing, editing, animation, confuzzling, scheduling, stuff like that, the thing is it’s the same everyday, so there’s not a lot to tell, I’ve done the train scene, half of the sheep scene, half of the whale scene, and have been right on schedule for ages now, so should be on course for being sorted by the end of the month so long my brain isn’t too frazzled, but yeah, it’s great! i’m doing boiled or animated backgrounds with white rectangles painted on, animating things and layering them in and building up all the elements, trying to make it amalgamate nicely. When i’ve got the basics i’m going to get some extra compositing advice and opinions on how it looks with fresh eyes. good stuff. just getting on with it really.

i stare at this a lot