March 24, 2010

Crit went okay, just keep going as I am really, except James had a few problems with the fact that the greater dimension isn’t going to be made with maya or stop motion, which I didn’t agree with really because although I kind of see his point, I don’t think that that sort of literalism is relevant when you understand my concept. Reality is too limiting. Leonie agrees with me using paint, which I think is best, and I think perhaps the reason why she agrees with me may be because she has searched for God in the past and is on the same wavelength as I am.

I may change the sound of the fly slightly to blip out rather than cut out. I also may pan with the fly before it reaches the page so as to establish the greater dimension a bit more. If I have time I will paint in the piece of paper on to the painted backgrounds and put the animation on top, (this will be easy for still shots but tricky for when the camera is moving) compositing could become problematic so I need to get there quick so that I have time to make it work well.

James also thinks I should try to stick more to the 180′ rule, but I think I’ll get more opinions because until he suggested this I didn’t think it was a problem.

Just finishing off my dissertation now and trying not to make great assumptions- which I seem to do a lot…


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