February 27, 2010

I think I’ve mostly completed my dissertation, for now at least, it’s not as good as I want it to be so I’ll do a little more before hand in but I need a break from it so I’m leaving it for now.

I’ve got an idea for the album that me and Priya are going to begin working on after hand in, which is cool, I’ve also been making a few motivating films with friends and animations for friends, which we do in a day or two- the fast process reminds me of the freedom of creating, it’s important to keep my perspective on things because I’d hate to think I’m living to work… Anyway, I love doing solid hours of animation, and it starts again monday starting to animate the characters being blown as the train goes past.

I’m aiming to have all character performance sorted and move the camera around the 2D world with the sounds by first draft deadline, then I’ll have a month to do all the painted animation and photoshopping (this has to look glorious in contrast to the 2D world- because it represents how much more there is- to me anyway) which sounds good in theory… let’s see how it goes!


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