el futuro

January 26, 2010

Went to creative futures today, which was alright but not great because I’ve had a bad couple of weeks, so to try and do something to move forward I started thinking about the future, and spoke with Priya Mistry about our plans on collaborating and what we can do towards it. We came to the conclusion that the best thing to do first is show what we can do together, so as we aren’t in the same part of Britain for now, we’re going to make an animated album over the internet, just making to with what we’ve got. I’m coming up with a concept and a bit of content, Priyas contributing some content and working on making it look good and letting me know what I have to draw and design and animate by had for her to then use in after effects and mixed media to create the final outcomes. Hopefully before Annecy we will have a website as well- perhaps through indexhibit which is a very useful website I came across the other day.


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