January 31, 2010

I’ve recently starting going to church, and it turns out that I may be given the opportunity to do a bit of animation for them once I’ve made my film, which could be good experience if not a bit of pocket money…


Still animating

January 28, 2010

Just so you know. I’m still going.

el futuro

January 26, 2010

Went to creative futures today, which was alright but not great because I’ve had a bad couple of weeks, so to try and do something to move forward I started thinking about the future, and spoke with Priya Mistry about our plans on collaborating and what we can do towards it. We came to the conclusion that the best thing to do first is show what we can do together, so as we aren’t in the same part of Britain for now, we’re going to make an animated album over the internet, just making to with what we’ve got. I’m coming up with a concept and a bit of content, Priyas contributing some content and working on making it look good and letting me know what I have to draw and design and animate by had for her to then use in after effects and mixed media to create the final outcomes. Hopefully before Annecy we will have a website as well- perhaps through indexhibit which is a very useful website I came across the other day.


January 22, 2010

So we went to look at an exhibition space today called centrespace in Bristol, which was really cool, I think I want to present my work either very cleanly simply and professionally with one wall covered in stills of the characters, in a similar design to the book recently published- Simon’s cat by Simon Tofield, and minimal amount of text, making it quite a personal art project, or I’m also thinking of creating an installation which reflects the concept of my film- making the viewer a part of my film, which one I chose depends on time really. I’ve set up a second blog to use to help collaborating with the class to create a good set of promotional work for the exhibition and grad show, at, I’ve suggested we work with a first class graphic designer Tom Morris to make our work the best it can be, and as I live with him I thought that a good way to keep everyone in a loop while we’re very busy making films would be to blog everything and get comments and get the directors and main producers to be able to log in to post things. That’s the plan anyway!

Fresh beginnings

January 18, 2010

Ok, so the plan is to make all my character performance first, then I can put it in to after effects and create its movement within 3D space, then I can do the painterly animation, photoshop the frames and add them in to the project with sounds. I don’t know what to do about sound yet because it’s not a strong area for me, but we’ll see what happens. So I’m off to draw a load of stuff yay, I don’t really know what to be writing in this blog now, it will probably be quite boring to read like, today I drew a load of more frames… like I will tomorrow… but who knows it could just be great instead.

Hand in

January 14, 2010

Hooray, we’re finally handing in our first semester work, I’ve had a production bible book made and a professionally made promotion pack as well, so that’s all gone really well, I’m going to have a week off now before starting production because I’ve tried to work a bit and my head’s not in the game, but it will be soon. Over and out.

Final Animatic

January 8, 2010