December 13, 2009

I’ve got a lot of good feedback from Matt and Leonie this week, and now I’m trying to make the animatic as good as possible so that I have a bit more of the Christmas holiday off rather than working through as usual. Basically I’m just making changes to simplify and communicate what’s happening clearer, but I’ve also decided that I like that it isn’t all given away at the beginning and maybe you do have to watch it more than once. I’ve got another animatic but its only been tweaked so it’s not worth uploading, but now the train blows the paper in to the air, the sea slightly moves the paper so its not all stiff and the sound fades out a bit better. I still want to do more drastic changes in the character performances for example the man isn’t even going to notice the presence of the sheep. I’ve done some more concept art:



December 8, 2009

Well that last one didn’t last long, heres a betterish one

New animatic so far

December 7, 2009

It’s a monday, so I thought that I’d put this up to get some feedback, it’s not done yet, obviously there’s no sound yet and I need to see how well it goes down. Also at the end there are supposed to be so many frames that flatland goes black, but as it’s an animatic there aren’t that many frames, so I need to show that better also- but it is shown separately underneath.