Finished test

November 22, 2009

As usual, there is loads I want to change about this, but that can only be a good thing because it means I’ve learned a lot from it. It is not a test of what would happen in my film- so can’t be inserted in to animatic in that sense, but it sort of shows a little glimpse of the two of them interacting. I don’t think it is very successful in portraying their characters, it’s not terrible, but their personalities just don’t stand out-it’s a bit wishy-washy, but that’s more because my idea of the two of them is still too vague- it isn’t coming naturally to me- but I do think that perhaps the idea of acting their parts with a friend will help me a lot to understand them and really delve in to them so that I can express that more successfully- so i’ll do that next. I want nicer cleaner boils and to work much faster- I tried to be very chilled- thinking it would make me more patient but that had the opposite effect. I want the man to be more flamboyant in his gestures. I’m stopping working on it because not only am I sick of it already, but the improvements I would make can be kept in mind, and even if I made those improvements, the cycle would just continue, I would keep wanting to change it and change it- I just don’t have the time. So I’ll keep in mind what I’ve learned and apply it to what i do next. I’m also going to have to work in much smaller chunks to get my film done… At least I’m getting a clearer idea of what I need to sort out before production starts, and I’m well on my way, a lot of trying to be at a certain point is based on you’re figuring out how to make your way there. So that’s fine… onwards and upwards. Hooray. Another thing, it might seem like only a small thing but it feels like a big thing because it’s the title- I’ve decided on one- ‘More Than There is”.



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