November 20, 2009

I’m still going with character performance, but I stumbled across these visuals of my man when testing in after effects, it’s just lots of frames of my man multiplied on top of each other, but it could be used in many ways which I have been thinking about, perhaps in the ending. I have the idea that when the film is nearing it’s end, instead of the pieces of paper being replaced they are instead stacked up on one another, so that the profile is no longer paper thin, but thick enough in volume that a character ( ie the dog who is searching for more than there is) has the option to exist in another dimension should they wish- they can exist on 24 different flatlands per second….? It also holds the option of them being lost in the growing black graphite left on each page. I like it a lot right now, another animatic is definitely in order once I’ve completed this really long test. Nearly done though yay!


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