November 2, 2009

Ok so, it’s chaos in my head right now… anyway, seeing everyone’s animatics today made me really want to crack down on how serious the film is coming across as. I’ve been trying to avoid it, but not really worried to much, but now that I can move on to character tests, hope fully it will get more enjoyable and actually start becoming what I want it to be. Matt Gravelle found the sound confusing at first and thinks that if I begin the film inside their world then it would become more clear. I have a few friends who I really value the opinion of, and I don’t think the animatic went down to badly with them, two in particular made me feel much better! A few mention that my timing and pacing needs to be much better, which I agree with but find it much more difficult to do that without drawing all the in-betweens as I time while I animate properly usually which seems strange… They also said that when I create it fully as in my visuals, then the distinction between the two worlds will be much clearer. I’m just really confused and at the moment it’s just not good enough so I’m really annoyed. So I’m doing work experience this week at Arthur Cox and if I get the chance I’m going to see if I can get their input. I also am talking to a few graduate friends who should be able to help me out. But after all that, I think I just really need to do simple funny animations of my two characters and not be dragged down by all the technical stuff which keeps taking over and I never wanted as my focus. Grrr.


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