First draft animatic

October 30, 2009

So I’ve been spending my time doing this animatic and a few visuals. I feel like it is quite far off where I am going to be, but it’s good enough to present and get feedback for. I’m going to present this animatic along with a few stills because I didn’t have enough time to make it look how I want it to which I feel is really necessary to show the epic-ness of some of the shots. I also wanted to do a bit of character performance because at the moment I’m having to sort out all the technical stuff, I’m just conscious about not portraying character enough for them to lead the film… But I didn’t have time before the presentation so I’ll do that next, which will be easier to focus on now that I’ve done a lot of the technical stuff which will get feedback on monday. The sounds are just examples, I haven’t recorded my own yet which I intend to, but yeah, it’s alright. I’ve kept it shorter than our three minute restriction because I want to leave a bit of space to experiment and test character performance and see how that can really move the film to a new level, but all the essentials and structure is shown ok.


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