October 18, 2009

This week I haven’t posted anything because so much was up in the air I could have rambled till the cows came home, so I spent it making lots of little and larger decisions which were triggered by my tutorial with Matt Gravelle which was really useful because I felt like I’d moved forward at the end of it. I now have a storyboard that I’m happy to start working with. It also shows a lot of things that decided on this week that had been floating around for ages. I like that the end leaves the characters left in their situation because it reflects how we are left- they are us. Also the 3D 2D ness is a lot clearer as I decided to show their 2D world in a 3D space from a camera further away. I’ve also thought about the characters a bit more but untill I do some animated tests I’m not sure how well I could communicate them, so I’ll see if I can’t do one character test alongside my animatic in the next 2 weeks, tight. I scanned in my thumbnails and made a little slideshow to make it a bit easier to see, but they were small pictures so it’s quite messy which is annoying because it took ages and it looks quite nice as a storyboard. Anyway, here it is, however clear or unclear, I can always explain people through it.


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