Character design

October 8, 2009

Gus and Peck from Partly Cloudy are what I’m aspiring to in my re-designing at the moment. Two completely unique and appealing characters are portrayed in minutes if not seconds. For me, they are instantly attention grabbing because of their integrity and how well they compliment each other. Character informs script, script informs character.

partly cloudy

I have been people watching for months now and I’ve finally found my second person who appeals to me enough to start developing a character on. Patrick Moore’s appearance, mannerisms, energy, unquestionable confidence in his opinion, sharp mind and his reactions to things are intriguing to watch, and I can see these things being animated and posed really successfully. By exaggerating these aspects of his being and basing a character on him, I could create a very endearing character, which is very compatible with the worldview necessary to fulfill my script, and will complement my dog character, which is based on Pete, really well. Patrick and Pete, perfect.

4924_1091149755083_1116682332_30272914_7772581_nsir-patrick-moore-hs You’re probably thinking, ‘what a mental pairing’.. but I say, ‘mental or amazing?!’ If I could, I would probably give them cool Northern or Irish accents, but so far as I know there’s no dialogue in my film.. still, you never know.


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