October 5, 2009

I realised today how underplayed I want this film to be, I think things speak greater volumes when they’re whispering and hinting and not doing any work for the audience so that they then immerse themselves fully in to it more effortlessly. Caroline Parsons also mentioned that she thinks I should perhaps keep working on the design of my characters, because they really need to get the audience to empathise- so they need to be perfect, which is interesting because I’d like next door’s dog and Quentin Blake’s illustration to have more of an effect here anyway, I just wasn’t thinking about that too much. It’s great to get lots of thoughts from tutors, because then I can keep lots of things in mind and nothing gets lost at the back because I’m reminded of it by them, like in this case. She was also under the impression that it was going to be much more structured and humorous than I thought I was saying, I still want it dynamic and flowing rather than something happens then something else happens, and I want little bits of subtle unforced humour here and there- not serious at all- I’m not trying to force anyone into having a suspension of disbelief for my film, I want it to just happen.


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