October 2, 2009

So I got to speak to Leonie Sharrock this morning, which was quite encouraging, because she’s quite happy to let me figure things out for now, which James was getting me to do more, so that’s great. We talked about two main things though, the first was how it could look, because Leonie loved my life drawing in the first year which is very different to the cartoons I’ve been leanig toawrds recently having liked work by Russell Brooke, Simon Tofield etc, so that’s  something to keep in mind. Perhaps Quentin Blake’s style which I touched on earlier could be somewhere between these two places, the question is what do I want my identity to be? The second more important thing was how I was going to communicate it well, because I’ve been saying that I know the concept  need’s to be communicated better than in Grace Of Dimensions, but haven’y properly tried it out. So on to concept art and storyboarding yay fun.


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