Moving forward

October 1, 2009

Yay, so I talked to James Manning about my idea, because I thought I might be getting ahead of myself, and he seemed to kind of like it I think- well it’s sort of interesting- but then that’s the audience I’m aiming it at anyway- those who are as interested as I am, so how can I reach as many as possible?

How do I make people give a crap? How much do I want to give away to the audience- as the more the audience is involved in filling in the gaps, the more it will speak to them.

James brought up a few things like firstly reading flatland the book, as I knew it was Abbott’s theory, but not that there was a book I could get hold of, and by reading through that I may find more things to incorporate or figure out, however big or small, knowing more gives me more power here, and may shift my direction in tiny or massive ways.

We then went through things, and I had a suggested answer for each, such as how to make people care (through engaging them with characters) and how will I lead the audience through my statement to get them to react at the point of resolution, (how to slowly reveal what is going on). What was good about having suggested answers to these was that I had a proper direction and was on the right track, but could also be reminded by James to make sure I research and ponder about other ways of making this statement, more ways of making people react. So that I don’t close my mind or possible routes to suddenly or rashly- because the could change my direction or better inform the track I’m on… blahblahblah

It was also good because when I explained my vague storyboard- which slowly reveals the concept up to some resolution, he reacted with the same sentence as Caroline Parsons, which was, ‘that sound great,’ which gives me confidence because it’s hard to come by honest positive statements by people who have a professional opinion.

I had made myself a sort of bubble that I liked which had what I was trying to say and a way to say it which really appeals to me, but there may be better ways of fulfilling what I want to say. For example, 2D hand drawn I chose because I’m better at that than anything else and it reflects Gods creation for me- if he made the world he wouldn’t use a computer or objects which already exist, he would get a pencil and create life from nothing. However considering other ways of working such as an installation, will keep my mind open to all possibilities, even if it just solidifies my previous directions or decisions. I also have endless possible resolutions so during story-boarding, what will give me the authority to decide where this goes? Perhaps reading around philosophers will help me create the best outcome for my film.

So basically I have to do a bit of reading, perhaps an initial synopsis and aims, storyboarding and concept art, and see my tutors as much as possible and drive them mental!

I actually believe for the first time in my degree that I have something good going on, because it’s not forced and all main aspects are based on things that I’ve been passionate about for a long time. It feels very right- which is a big deal for me, I just can’t wait to see how it develops, and I’m only at the beginning… strange.


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