Rough Script

September 30, 2009

So a rough script came to me, really naturally and subtly when I was daydreaming, and for some reason that is why I trust it, as well as really quite liking it. I’m liking the idea of beginning with a fly. God used one recently to speak to me, and it turns out it really complements my film. I want the concept to be slowly revealed- so that at the beginning you’re like, ‘what’s those random circles’ and nearer the end you’re like, ‘oh they’re fingers…’ So I see Pete my dog character snapping lazily  at a fly, then it disappears. It reappears somewhere else on the page, also referencing the behaviour of sub atomic particles. It disappears because it can move in 3 dimensions through flatland, so it’s sometimes in flatland and sometimes so close you can hear it buzzing and feel its wings but it’s just not there. I MUST KEEP THINGS SIMPLE THOUGH. If it’s all poetic and subtle it will reflect the nature of God. The next thing that came to me helps pace and inspiration build up as you go along, like a crescendo as understanding hopefully becomes easier as the idea is revealed by clearer communication and more information. I would like to use a whale and an ocean at the greatest point. For me, these two symbolise raw energy and captivating beauty. They’ve been timelessly inspirational for me which is what I’ve been wanting to keep liking my film. I hope it to be dynamic and flowing and the characters be chased and swept around in a very abstract environment, providing on time and resources. There’s just so much to think about.

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