September 29, 2009

Pete is a really awesome character. Half because he doesn’t know or think that he really is. I’ve been thinking that basing one of my characters on his personality would be really successful, I feel like he would really suit the character with the world view that there may be something more than there is.

I’ve never got to the point where I don’t appreciate his personality- I haven’t got bored of it, he’s still original, just because he’s being himself. He really strikes a chord with my empathy, watching him and just seeing the way he does things is really intriguing. Making him in to an animal character might really help bring out the parts of him which harmonize with the atmosphere of the film. I like that he’s quite slow moving and blinking, he seems to approach life very laid back, and doesn’t dwell too much at all, he seems very impressionable, and innocent but not innocent at all…? His quite monotone voice is great, and he seems to attract funny little things naturally, and his humour’s very unforced, he often seems very in his own world and quite willing to trust. On top of all that, paper airplanes get stuck in his big fluffy hair. Of course this is all my perception of him, we can’t say that we know too much about an actual person except what we experience ourselves. Anyway, it seems to really complement the simple, childlike, accepting, loving character which God asks us to be in order to accept that there is more than there is, which is why he complements my film idea.

I tried to picture Pete and his dog: it will change a lot I know it… but here’s an early example:


QUESTIONS: Do I want a film based on God? Is the simplicity of my line drawings all I want? What else do I try? How can I fully communicate my films purpose? How do I make it not overbearing or too serious? How do I bring across the character and personalities to engage the audience fully in to what they then experience? How much will the audience relate to my characters so that they can then project themselves on to them and consider my suggestions? How much can I say without saying it? Why does honesty truthfulness and integrity in the character with the worldview that there is more, matter so much? Is it because God is like that? How will the second character complement this one and hold the opposite worldview? Will there be any dialogue? Any music? Just foley sound? How will it be resolved? Are there any other ideas I would rather consider before I get too far in to this one? What do the tutors think of my direction? How will I fully communicate the idea of a something 3D messing with flatland? How can the two be made more distinguishable- could sound and colour be used here to show the difference? How much can I animate before the deadline? Am I good enough at 2D hand drawn as I’ve only just started using it recently? How will I make the film a journey, memorable? How much have I settled on in my mind through questioning and seeing how it goes rather than making a decision? Is this a good thing? Questions or things which I didn’t understand how they would work, have just melted away over time, resolved themselves not been forced… How? Will a religious intent come through by accident- which I am really against- All I would want is the unforced option to consider God so he could perhaps be let in a bit more, showing him in a good light which is often lost through religion (my perception)? AM I JUST CONFUSING MYSELF FOR NO REASON? YES.

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