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September 29, 2009


‘Robot,’ a Sony Playstation 2 advert made by Russell Brooke, caught my attention because of the simple style and humour, which is seen around quite a lot and in many other examples on this age, but still it is original and quirky, somehow it’s better in many ways than other very similar films. The character shapes and silhouettes are great, and the idea is suited to creating a really cool and stylish identity that’s really appealing, which is done simply by having a really individually funny style of dancing, which is cool because the character makes movements that are kind of geeky or old school, and pulls them off with a charisma which comes from confidence in who you are, which is probably what attracts the audience most.


My Dog Tulip, a feature film by Paul and Sandra Fierlinger, is absolutely wonderful in it’s animated style. I love the lines and colours and that it is all animated in a way that seems like it’s more straight ahead than it is. It may also be that watching it during a time where so much is done on a computer, or generated by a computer, it was really refreshing to so much human nerve in the drawings.


‘Simon’s Cat,’ by Simon Tofield. Again simplicity is the key. The behviour of cats exagerrated here is funny because it’s true. The over exaggerated anthropomorphism is just really funny and true. Nothing detracts from this because of the style. Very light hearted with really good comedic timing.

screen-capture-6‘Flatworld,’ by Daniel Greaves, obviously caught my eye because the content is based on the idea of flatland, like mine. The message is very different though- It seems like the idea of flatland was used to create the technique more than anything else- having 2D drawn characters cut out on card and animated as a stop-motion, which looks so cool. It’s more narrative based than making a statement, but still says so much more than a normal story…? ! I could consider using this technique, but i don’t think it helps to communicate the idea of seeing how my characters experience things in their world. The cute cheeky little cat as awesome. Just all of the characters are very inspirational in themselves because they all seem to have really appealing personalities, you feel a lot of empathy for them and there’s no dialogue! The way each of them are brought to life through their individual animation timing and poses really compliments their purpose. I love the flashes of clips of different environments which I can see perhaps adding more to my film- food for thought. What’s more there’s a whale… and relationships between humans and animals…love it. Epic.


‘Line,’ a film for Olay by Suzanne Deakin, is another example of simple cleverness, it seems so free and effortless but the process could not have possibly been so. Again the fluidity and spontaneity of the traveling through it’s environment grabbed me.

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