Grace Of Dimensions- demonstrating my idea

September 29, 2009

My idea, which is shown primitively and simply here, is to suggest that there is more than there is.

There may be a being who isn’t trapped by the dimensions that we are trapped in, suggested/symbolized by using characters trapped in 2 dimensions on a sheet of paper. We humans then transcend the dimensions of their world.

How would these characters experience something outside of the dimensions that they can comprehend. If they were hugged by a 3 dimensional being, who transcends the 2-dimensions that they’re trapped by, how would they see it?

The film here shows a not very well communicated hug, which definitely needs to be improved on, as it’s essential to my idea, but it does show the idea of fingers passing through their 2D world, then the hands and finally the arms. Because in 2D flatland you cannot move forwards and backwards, a cross section of the 3D being is all that is seen as it passes through their world, do you know what I mean? I hope so, Rob Bell explains it better probably.

Anyway, the 2 characters on the page represent the two world views- one who says, ‘I think there’s more,’ and the other who says, ‘what rubbish- this is all there is because there is no evidence that you’re right (pish posh).’

When I did this test, I hadn’t settled on the idea, but right now I have a huge passion for going for it because so many other elements have fallen in to place beautifully and it feels right.

This is a very simple test, I can see the idea developing so much by exploring why this speaks to me, what I want to achieve, how I can encompass many things and express what I truly want most effectively through cinematic technique, there is so much to think about!

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