September 29, 2009

What this year means to me- too important an issue to miss out on.

I want to take this chance to properly prove myself. As with most creatives I’m not satisfied by most of the work I’ve done so far, with the exception of the new version of Balloons (2009). It’s more frustrating than anything else I can think of to know that I haven’t achieved as much as I believe I truly can. It’s all learning, now I want to start getting it right.

The reasons why I think it has been like this is because obviously we are all always learning, but whilst on such a steep slope as I have been recently, I feel that I move on very fast, often half way through a project, or when I see it shown in front of people, I no longer feel a connection with the work- I’ve improved and moved forward beyond that piece of work basically.

So without having to bore everyone with too many words, my plan has been more to follow influences which have stayed with me for a long time, and follow less the new things that come to me. I’m glad not to be restricted in the course now and I’m going to drive my friends and tutors crazy asking for feedback! I’m going to develop and refine the face off this film!

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