Everything is spiritual by Rob Bell- my concept explained

September 29, 2009

2 minutes in to this clip, Rob Bell starts to talk string theory which leads to discussing the idea of flatland proposed by Edwin Abbot (6 mins in). This idea immediately caught my attention because since my A-level in physics I have been fascinated by quantum physics and the idea of dimensions, but when I really understood what Bell is talking about, it spoke so much to me, mostly because not only does he explain everything in way which is very accessible, but it also showed how I could suggest a very profound and even life-changing idea, without ramming it down your throat and letting you really consider it for yourself in a very real and tangible way without a load of religious voodoo. I consider myself to be a Christian. From this I made a short film ‘Grace Of Dimensions’ to explore the idea of dimensions and 2 different world views as a starting point for my film.

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