September 29, 2009

As I mentioned, I went to Annecy Animation Festival this year. Two films especially stood out to me:


Sur Le Fil, by Benjamin Dupouy, starts off very slow and simple, my first reaction was thinking that it wasn’t going to affect me that much, but something inexplicable was saying that something profound was about to be seen. I did not realize I would be blown away. I think that the way the character occupies its environment in the second half is what grabbed me, it was so dynamic and flowing, displaying very raw energy similar to that of the sea or a storm or a whale, the sorts of things that represents pure existence for me, real life energy. Naturally I tend to also go with having a pair of characters, probably because I was brought up with Wallace and Gromit, a pair who balance each other, I haven’t really considered any other way of having characters in my film.

screen-capture-1Inukshuk, by Camillevis Thery, was the other film I saw at Annecy that really spoke to me. I’ve only seen it once, but from memory I think I can decipher a few reasons for it’s effect. Again, 2 main characters are used and they were drawn in a continuous line which created a really cool style where the drawing would invert in to itself at times, and the crazy laugh that made the polar bear topple over was really well animated and endearing. The environment again is quite abstract and suggestive or minimal, which really helped the film to be successful, and the human nerve came through so well in the hand drawn lines.

All these things and more are influencing my perception of how my film is developing

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