Animals meowwoof

September 29, 2009

waaayy, hello, so yeah anyone who knows me will know I’ve always been an animal person. I want my film to encompass more timeless things that have appealed to me and stood up against the test of time (so that I am less likely to go off my work) like storms and pairs and whales and dimensions and questions to box in a few which are emerging and finding a place in my final film.

Animals are a big part of all of this! My dissertation is on relating to characters and anthropomorphism in particular because it’s so interesting for me. One or both of my pair of characters will be an animal, and I have a few thoughts about animals being used to pass through the 2D world and reveal more about the 3D world. I don’t want my film over-run with animals though!

But yeah, I went to Paris a few weeks ago, and not only are there so many dogs but their character appeal is always so great to me, observing them as companions is intriguing. My favourite characters and films from throughout my life have always been because of an animal, especially tigger. While I was in Paris I got to see ‘up’- ‘La Haut,’ which isn’t out here in Britain yet, and again it was the dog that made it for me.

Again what attracts me to these characters is the integrity, honesty, truthfulness and childlike innocence which I also see in Pete.

I then watched an absolute ton of Beethoven films and did a bit of animating dogs:

I THINK I’VE DECIDED TO MAKE PETE THE DOG CHARACTER, it just makes so much more sense because his personality suits that character so well, and the man will then complement that, each holding their separate world-views.

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